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Recently, productivity in the UK hit an all time low. The government blamed the weak pound, higher interest rates and Jade Goody being on TV far, far more than she should be (note this was written long before the events of Jan 2007!). We know the truth though, we know what people have been doing instead of working. Here, if you haven't been sent them by e-mail already, are the Kids TV Quizes that everyone (well, the Q+A board) have been talking about.

You need Microsoft Excel and an understanding boss or partition for these to work.

Cartoon Characters 2
Non-cartoon characters
Fairy Tales
Kids Classic TV Quiz
Kids TV Theme Tunes
Ultimate Kids Television Challenge
Kids TV of Yesteryear
The Muppets
The Mr Men
Retro Toys
The Simpsons

These aren't Kids TV related but they are good!

Advertising Icons
American Comedies
Celebrity Catchphrases
Comedy Films
Coronation Street Characters
Disney DVD Covers
Pop Groups
Music Videos
School Movies

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If you have any more quizes, please e-mail them to me.


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