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Welcome to Kids TV

Welcome to the site that is guaranteed to make you feel old.

Kids TV has been reminding people of long missed programmes from when they were children for nearly 15 years and whether it's the characters, the stories or, more than likely, the theme tune that you remember, it may well be here somewhere.

There aren't any hard and fast rules for which programmes are listed here but they were all shown in the UK at some point, they mostly appeared sometime after TV started realising that children watched TV and sometime before the toy companies started realising that children watched TV and, by and large, they were more than any good.

Contributions to the site, whether it's new information about a programme listed, or a programme that's been missed, are very welcome and can be sent to

One last thing to bear in mind, this isn't encyclopaedia children's television, there's no episode guide, no cast list and some of the descriptions are vague at best, the site is here to jog your memory, not help you pass an exam!

So, sit down, relax and remind yourselves of the times you'd sit and watch your favorite classics. Oh, and join the Facebook group. I'm not sure where I'm going with that yet but it'll be somewhere!

November 2013

They say that what goes around, comes around and as I was sat watching "Friday Download" (on CBBC) with my kids, my Boy, aged 8, said "Do you remember Story Makers, that was really good".

Story Makers was shown on CBeebies up until about 2009 and had two puppets that lived in the library and told stories, but that's not important. What is important is that this site deals with mainly shows from the late 70s and early to mid 80s yet there are going to be site's out there talking about the late 90s as "classic TV" because it was 15 years ogo!

That's scary.

Anyway, this site will continuie to look back on "our" (ok, "my") generation of classic TV. Of Grange Hill, Trumpton, Chorlton, Jamie and that one with the thing in that did that, oh, you know, on BBC1 at lunchtime.

1st December 2013

So did anyone watch "Celebrity Pointless" on the BBC on Saturday November 30th (if you're quick, it might be on iPlayer). The first round listed characters from kids TV and you had to name the programme. You'll be pleased to hear that I got all of them right including the pointless answer.

Well, OK, I needeed help with "Pokermon".

Oh, and I got "Top Cat" wrong but I did get all the others.

5th December 2013

A warm "Hello!" to all the listeners to Danny Kelly's Radio WM show who may have heard me speaking this afternoon.

Enjoy the site!

Ian Trembirth
December 2013.

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Based on the best-selling Enid Blyton series of books, this classic 70's TV series also features the talent of classic British actors, including; Patrick Troughton, Ronald Fraser, Brian Glover, David Rappaport and an early appearance from Rupert Graves.

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