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Welcome to Kids TV

Welcome to the site that is guaranteed to make you feel old.

Kids TV has been reminding people of long missed programmes from when they were children for over 15 years and whether it's the characters, the stories or, more than likely, the theme tune that you remember, it may well be here somewhere.

There aren't any hard and fast rules for which programmes are listed here but they were all shown in the UK at some point, they mostly appeared sometime after TV started realising that children watched TV (early 70s) and sometime before the toy companies started realising that children watched TV (mid to late 80s). Coincidently, this is the time that I myself was a child watching TV. To be listed though, the programme need to be, by and large, more than any good (though the odd dud is mentioned as well).

Contributions to the site, whether it's new information about a programme listed, or a programme that's been missed, are very welcome and can be sent to

One last thing to bear in mind, this isn't "Encyclopaedia Children's Television". There's no episode guide, no cast list and some of the descriptions are vague at best, the site is here to jog your memory, not help you pass an exam!

So, sit down, relax and remind yourselves of the times you'd sit about a foot from the screen and watch your favorite classics. Oh, and join the Facebook group, that sees a lot more updates than this website.

Ian Trembirth
September 2015.

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